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Revision Log of sbcl (91)

buildservice-autocommit accepted request 436422 1 day ago (revision 91)
baserev update by copy to link target
Ruediger Meier Ruediger Meier (rudi_m) accepted request 436421 3 days ago (revision 90)
- always build with clisp, no bootstrapping required
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 414946 2 months ago (revision 89)
baserev update by copy to link target
Matthias Mailänder Matthias Mailänder (Mailaender) accepted request 414893 3 months ago (revision 88)
- Update to version 1.3.7
  + enhancement: ported to ARM64 Linux.
  + enhancement: a new interpreter is included which has many
    benefits over sb-eval. It is disabled by default. See
    src/interpreter/README for instructions to enable it, and
    further details.
  + enhancement: SB-THREAD support for ARM64.
  + enhancement: the platform's strtod() is exposed as
  + enhancement: speed up debug info creation for highly nested
    functions. (#1563355)
  + enhancement: the interleaved structure slot optimization from
    release 1.2.6 has been ported to all architectures.
- Add $(RPM_OPT_FLAGS) to CFLAGS for Linux builds
- Handle ENOENT from getprotobyname()
- sb-posix: Fix getresuid() and getresgid()
- Remove sbcl-1.1.17-optflags.patch
- Add 0001-Handle-ENOENT-from-getprotobyname.patch
- Add 0002-sb-posix-Fix-getresuid-and-getresgid.patch
- Add 0003-Add-RPM_OPT_FLAGS-to-CFLAGS-for-Linux-builds.patch
Matthias Mailänder Matthias Mailänder (Mailaender) accepted request 381150 7 months ago (revision 87)
- ExcludeArch POWER64 architecture, no POWER64 port available
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 335919 about 1 year ago (revision 86)
baserev update by copy to link target
Matthias Mailänder Matthias Mailänder (Mailaender) accepted request 335003 about 1 year ago (revision 85)
Update to version 1.2.15
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 316612 about 1 year ago (revision 84)
baserev update by copy to link target
Togan Muftuoglu Togan Muftuoglu (toganm) accepted request 316611 over 1 year ago (revision 83)
- Update to version 1.2.13
  * Incompatible change:
    + on success, TRY-SEMAPHORE and WAIT-ON-SEMAPHORE return the new
  * Enhancement:
    + WAIT-ON-SEMAPHORE accepts a decrement parameter
    + JOIN-THREAD allows distinguishing timeout vs.
      abort in all situations
    + On Windows DBG_PRINTEXCEPTION_C is handled and its
      message is printed. (#1437947)
  * Bug-fix:
    + TRUENAME works properly on broken symlinks presented
      as directories. (#1458164)
    + Inlined DPB and DEPOSIT-FIELD don't interfere with
      left-to-right order of argument evaluation. (#1458190)
    + (SETF (LDB (BYTE 1 2 JUNK) X) 0) is rightly rejected.
    + DEFSETF lambda lists should not permit argument
    + calls to (SETF SLOT-VALUE) on a missing slot would in
      certain situations incorrectly return the result of a
      SLOT-MISSING method instead of always returning the new
      value. (#1460381)
    + a DEFMACRO occurring not at toplevel and capturing
      parts of its lexical environment (thus being a closure)
      caused expressions involving the macro name to cause corruption
      in the pretty-printer due to faulty introspection of the lambda
      list of a closure.
    + out of line MAP/MAP-INTO check that the results produced by the
      function are of the matching sequence type. (#1459581)
    + pretty-printing of '(LET `((,X ,Y)) :B) is handled correctly.
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 313380 over 1 year ago (revision 82)
baserev update by copy to link target
Togan Muftuoglu Togan Muftuoglu (toganm) accepted request 312381 over 1 year ago (revision 81)
- Update to version 1.2.12
  * Minor incompatible change:
   + the SB-C::*POLICY* variable is no longer a list. Code which
     manipulated it as such (including but not limited to non-bundled
     releases of ASDF) will need to be revised.
  * Enhancement:
    + The input stream for COMPILE-FILE implements STREAM-LINE-COLUMN.
    + EVAL errors that occur by way of LOAD report the starting line
      and column number of the erring toplevel form. (#565247)
  * Optimization:
    + Better MAP and MAP-INTO on known vector result types.
  * Bug fix:
    + Read/modify/write macros accessing a place which is a composition
      of CAR+CDR operations, such as (SHIFTF (CADR X) (ELT V 0)), do
      not access subforms more than once. (#1450968)
    + Short form of DEFSETF no longer allows trailing junk.
    + DEFINE-MODIFY-MACRO respects the provisions of CLHS 5.1.3
      regarding argument evaluation order. (#1452539)
    + POP works as specified in CLHS if the setter for its argument has
      a side-effect on the existing CAR value. (#1454021)
    + Reading "#()" with a positive numeric argument signals a reader
      error. As specified, reading "#1()" has undefined consequences,
      so correct portable code should be indifferent to this.
    + Malformed reader conditionals such as "(#-no-such-feature)"
      and "(#+sbcl)" no longer parse as NIL. (#1454400)
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 305183 over 1 year ago (revision 80)
baserev update by copy to link target
Togan Muftuoglu Togan Muftuoglu (toganm) accepted request 305182 over 1 year ago (revision 79)
- Update to version 1.2.11
  * Enhancement:
    + SET-PPRINT-DISPATCH will warn when given an expression in
      which any part is unrecognizable as a legal type-specifier.
      The dispatch table will be altered, but the new entry is 
      disabled. Subsequent type-defining forms will cause
      pprint-dispatch tables to  re-examine whether any disabled
       entries should be enabled. (lp#1429520)
    + Loading code containing calls to a deprecated  function will,
      under most circumstances, signal warnings similar to compiling
      such code.  The usual caveat holds about not detecting calls
      through a computed name, as in (funcall
      (intern "DEPRECATED-FUN" "SB-EXT")).
    + (SB-EXT:COMPILE-FILE-LINE) is a new macro that expands to a
      constant (VALUES integer integer) indicating the source 
      line/column from which it was read, intended for logging Lisp
      runtime errors in a style similar to that afforded by the C
      preprocessor __LINE__ macro. Similarly
      (SB-EXT:COMPILE-FILE-POSITION) returns a position in characters.
    + improved source locations for VOPs, alien types and declarations.
  * Bug fix:
    + Functions in :FINAL deprecation have the correct docstring.
      No visible change, as no such functions presently exist.
    + (SETF (FDEFINITION this) (FDEFINITION OTHER)) signals an error
      if OTHER names either a macro or special-operator. (lp#1439921) 
- Rebase all patches.
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 294078 over 1 year ago (revision 78)
baserev update by copy to link target
Togan Muftuoglu Togan Muftuoglu (toganm) accepted request 294077 over 1 year ago (revision 77)
- Update to version 1.2.10
*  One thing that is not mentioned in the release notes, but which
   has been exercising developers recently, is a warning for the near
   future: some interfaces which are currently in "early" deprecation
   status (and so are emitting style-warnings at compilation-time) 
   will in the next release cycle or two start emitting full warnings,
   either at compilation time or at load time.  Particular interfaces
   signalling warnings causing problems to some users include:
   SB-EXT:QUIT, and the SB-THREAD:SPINLOCK API.  If anyone is using
   those, now is the time to update to SB-EXT:EXIT and
   SB-THREAD:MUTEX respectively.  (See also the "Deprecated Interfaces"
   chapter in the manual).
  * minor incompatible change:
    + all SOCKINT::WIN32-* functions have been deprecated with
      EARLY deprecation state
    + performing introspection via the system-internal SB-INT:INFO
      function could expose that :TYPE :TRANSLATOR is not
      necessarily a function, as it always was before. (Affects
  * enhancement:
    + The value of SXHASH on bit-vectors of length equal to the
      word size now depends on the vector's contents instead of
      being constant; its value on bit-vectors of length divisible
      by the word size now depends also on the contents of the
      vector's last word.
  * bug-fix:
    + sb-bsd-sockets on win32 uses proper C function declarations.
    + A new dead code elimination phase removes dead code loops
      that confuse stack analysis. (lp#1255782, lp#308914)
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 288296 over 1 year ago (revision 76)
baserev update by copy to link target
Togan Muftuoglu Togan Muftuoglu (toganm) accepted request 288295 over 1 year ago (revision 75)
- Update to version 1.2.9
  * Bug Fix:
    + minor incompatible change and bug fix: unboxed numeric
      constants on x86oids are arranged in memory differently, and
      the disassembler  does not show them separately in DISASSEMBLE,
      but does if DISASSEMBLE-CODE-COMPONENT is used. (lp#1421987)
    + DEFCLASS handles cyclic {super,meta}class relations better
    + compiler no longer signals an error when compiling certain
      function calls. (lp#1416704, lp#404441, lp#1417822, lp#1234919)
    + compiler doesn't stumble on a LOGIOR transform.
    + more robust debugger and backtraces. (lp#1413850,
      lp#1099500,  lp#1412881, lp#945261, lp#1419205, lp#1409402)
    + files larger than 4GB can now be compiled.
    + x86 truncated results from 64-bit foreign functions to
      32 bits.
    + file-position didn't work on large files on win32.
    + callbacks from foreign threads can work without enabling
    + sb-introspect:function-lambda-list works properly on
      interpeted macros. (lp#1387404)
    + ADJUST-ARRAY properly handles non-adjustable arrays.
    + compiler no longer fails to dump a multidimensional
      array constant involving a circular reference to itself
    + conditional and nested DX allocation no longer confuse
      the compiler in STACK analysis. (lp#1044465)
    + sb-rotate-byte constant folding bug fixed. (lp#1423682)
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 283726 over 1 year ago (revision 74)
baserev update by copy to link target
Togan Muftuoglu Togan Muftuoglu (toganm) accepted request 283724 over 1 year ago (revision 73)
- The release (source) tarball of sbcl-1.2.8 contained an error in
  the build script, which in some circumstances (chiefly when /bin/sh is
  bash) would lead to the sbcl built from that tarball to have a
  lisp-implementation-version of "-dirty".
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 283620 over 1 year ago (revision 72)
baserev update by copy to link target

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