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Revision Log of boost (152)

Ismail Donmez Ismail Donmez (namtrac) accepted request 346382 4 days ago (revision 152)
- coroutine2 depends on context, disable it if context is not built
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 343836 5 days ago (revision 151)
baserev update by copy to link target
Ismail Donmez Ismail Donmez (namtrac) accepted request 341603 about 1 month ago (revision 150)
- Updated to version 1.59.0:
  * New libraries: Convert, Coroutine2
  * Updated Libraries: Container, Context, Coroutine, Fusion,
    Geometry, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Move,
    Multi-index Containers, Predef, Program Options, Property Tree,
    Boost.Test v3, TypeIndex, Variant
  * See http://www.boost.org/users/history/version_1_59_0.html for
    complete changelog.
- context now builds on aarch64
- Import two patches from Fedora: boost-1.59-python-make_setter.patch,
- Drop 0001-Fix-exec_file-for-Python-3-3.4.patch, 
  boost-uuid-comparison.patch, boost-unrecognized-option.patch.
  Fixed upstream.
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 311555 6 months ago (revision 149)
baserev update by copy to link target
Ismail Donmez Ismail Donmez (namtrac) committed 6 months ago (revision 148)
- Remove unneeded dependency on xorg-x11-devel
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 308672 6 months ago (revision 147)
baserev update by copy to link target
Dirk Mueller Dirk Mueller (dirkmueller) accepted request 308225 6 months ago (revision 146)
- boost-unrecognized-option.patch: remove unrecognized option -m32
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 306182 6 months ago (revision 145)
baserev update by copy to link target
Stephan Kulow Stephan Kulow (coolo) accepted request 306161 7 months ago (revision 144)
- update to 1.58.0:
  boost docs remain at 1.56 since upstream hasn't updated yet
  * New Libraries: Endian, Sort.
  * Updated Libraries: Asio, Chrono, Container, Context, Conversion,
  DateTime, Flyweight, Function, Functional/Factory, Fusion, Geometry,
  Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Math, Move,
  Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, Optional, Phoenix,
  Predef, Random, Thread, TypeErasure, TypeIndex, Units,
  Unordered, Variant.
  See http://www.boost.org/users/history/version_1_58_0.html
- add 0001-Fix-exec_file-for-Python-3-3.4.patch ,
  0002-Fix-a-regression-with-non-constexpr-types.patch: Fixes regressions
  in 1.58
- drop bjam-alignment.patch, boost-gcc5.patch: Already fixed upstream
- add boost-rpmoptflags-only.patch: Build only with optflags
- add boost-aarch64-flags.patch: Avoid using -m64
- add boost-uuid-comparison.patch: Fix regression in UUID operator<
- add boost-disable-pch-on-aarch64.patch: Disable pch on math library
  to avoid compiler segfault
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 291066 9 months ago (revision 143)
baserev update by copy to link target
Michal Vyskocil Michal Vyskocil (mvyskocil) accepted request 290046 9 months ago (revision 142)
- Add quickbook subpackage
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 287358 9 months ago (revision 141)
baserev update by copy to link target
Richard Biener Richard Biener (rguenther) accepted request 287338 9 months ago (revision 140)
- Use $RPM_OPT_FLAGS for building, force use of the GCC toolset.
  Be more verbose and fail building with the first error.
- Add boost-gcc5.patch to use -std=c++11 when building the coroutines
  module which fixes build with GCC 5.
Thorsten Behrens Thorsten Behrens (netsroth) accepted request 264096 12 months ago (revision 139)
- Revert the python3 building: it resulted in BOTH libboost_python
  libraries to be using python 3 instructions, resulting in
  failures of all Py2 related packages.
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 263290 12 months ago (revision 138)
baserev update by copy to link target
Dirk Mueller Dirk Mueller (dirkmueller) accepted request 258282 about 1 year ago (revision 137)
Added the boost_python3 library (the existing boost_python library only supports Python 2). This fixes https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=838970.

The name of the new package (libboost_python3-%{lib_appendix}) does not completely follow the naming scheme of the other boost libraries as the "3" at the end collides with the appendix.
Ismail Donmez Ismail Donmez (namtrac) accepted request 252660 about 1 year ago (revision 136)
- Update documentation tarball (source was changed)
- Fix aarch64 build
Thorsten Behrens Thorsten Behrens (netsroth) accepted request 244793 about 1 year ago (revision 135)
- Update to version 1.56.0. Major changes since 1.54.0:
  New libraries:
  * Predef: This library defines a set of compiler, architecture,
    operating system, library, and other version numbers from the
    information it can gather of C, C++, Objective C, and Objective
    C++ predefined macros or those defined in generally available
    headers, from Rene Rivera.
  * Align: Memory alignment functions, allocators, and adaptors.
  * Type_Index: Runtime/Compile time copyable type info.
  For a detailed descriptions see:
- Rebase boost-thread.patch
- Rabase boost-use_std_xml_catalog.patch
- Rebase bjam-alignment.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-glibc-2.18.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-1.54-001-coroutine.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-1.54-002-date-time.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-1.54-003-log.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-1.54-change85160.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-1.54.0-thread-link_atomic.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-ppc64-abiv2-context.patch
- Remove obsolete boost-ppc64-abiv2-coroutine.patch
- Remove outdated man pages boost_1_54_man.tar.bz2
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 242934 over 1 year ago (revision 134)
baserev update by copy to link target
Stephan Kulow Stephan Kulow (coolo) committed over 1 year ago (revision 133)
- add baselibs.conf as source

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