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Revision Log of redis (79)

buildservice-autocommit accepted request 405653 22 days ago (revision 79)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 405637 26 days ago (revision 78)
- Update to 3.2.1
* [FIX] Cleaned up spec file.
* [FIX] Critical bug in Sentinel was hopefully fixed.
* [FIX] BITFIELD bugs fixed.
* [FIX] GEO commands fixes on syntax errors and edge cases.
* [NEW] RESOTRE now accepts dumps generated by older Redis versions.
* [NEW] Jemalloc now is configured to save you memory, for a problem a
        change in the jemalloc configuration did not really survived when the
        3.2.0 release was finalized.
* [NEW] TTL and TYPE command no longer alter the last access time of a key, for
        LRU evictions purposes. A new TOUCH command was introduced *just* to
        update the access time of a key.
* [FIX] A bug was fixed in redis-cli, that connected to the instance running on the
        port 6379 if there was one, regardless of what was specified.
* [NEW] TCP keep alive is now enabled by default. This should fix most ghost
        connections problems without resulting in any practical change in otherwise
        sane deployments.
* [FIX] A Sentinel crash that could happen during failovers was fixed.
* [NEW] avg_ttl reporting in INFO improved.
* [NEW] Sentinel: improve handling of known Sentinel instances.
* [NEW] Redis Cluster address update (via gossip section) processing improved
        to avoid initiating inwanted handshakes.
* [FIX] Critical bug fixed: There was a problem in the way a cluster instance 
        loaded the AOF that could cause data written via scripts to be lost during 
* [NEW] There is a new very powerful BITFIELD command. Check the documentation
        here: http://redis.io/commands/BITFIELD
* [NEW] CONFIG GET is allowed during the loading of the dataset.
* [NEW] The DEBUG command have new features and can show an help with DEBUG HELP.
* [NEW] redis-cli show hits about the commands arguments to the right.
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 391089 3 months ago (revision 77)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 390834 3 months ago (revision 76)
Fix installation example in README.SUSE
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 359983 5 months ago (revision 75)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 359952 5 months ago (revision 74)
- Update to 3.0.7:
* [FIX] Many fixes to MIGRATE multiple keys implementation.
* [FIX] A Redis Cluster node crash was fixed because of wrong handling of
        node->slaveof pointers.
* [FIX] Fix redis-trib rebalance when nodes need to be left empty because
        the specified weight is zero.
* [FIX] MIGRATE: Never send -ASK redirections for MIGRATE when there are
* [FIX] Lua debugger crash when printing too deeply nested objects.
* [FIX] Redis-cli implementation of Lua debugging now allows to use the
        SCRIPT DEBUG command directly, switching to debugging mode as needed.
* [FIX] Redis-trib is now able to fix more errors. A new CLUSTER subcommand
        called BUMPEPOCH was introduced in order to support new modes
        for the "fix" subcommand.
* [NEW] Redis proctected mode: this feature improves Redis security and makes
        harder to run Redis in a configuration that is unsecure because no
        firewalling was used in order to protect Redis from external accesses.
* [NEW] Cluster/Sentinel tests now use OSX leak to perform leak detection
        at the end of every unit.
* [NEW] Detect and show server crashes during Cluster/Sentinel tests.
* [NEW] More reliable Cluster/Sentinel test becuase of timing errors and
        -LOADING errors. 
* [FIX] lua_struct.c/getnum security issue fixed. 
* [FIX] Redis Cluster replica migration fixed.
* [FIX] Fix a race condition in processCommand() because of interactions
        with freeMemoryIfNeeded(). 
* [NEW] Backported from the upcoming Redis 3.2:
        MIGRATE now supports an extended multiple-keys pipelined mode, which
        is an order of magnitude faster. Redis Cluster now uses this mode
        in order to perform reshardings and rebalancings.
* [NEW] Backported from the upcoming Redis 3.2:
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 345678 8 months ago (revision 73)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) committed 8 months ago (revision 72)
- Update to 3.0.5
  * [FIX] MOVE now moves the TTL as well. A bug lasting forever... 
		finally fixed thanks to Andy Grunwald that reported it.
	* [FIX] Fix a false positive in HSTRLEN test.
	* [FIX] Fix a bug in redis-cli --pipe mode that was not able to 
		read back replies from the server incrementally. Now a mass 
		import will use a lot less memory, and you can use --pipe to 
		do incremental streaming.
	* [FIX] Slave detection of master timeout.
	* [NEW] Cluster: redis-trib fix can fix an additional case for 
		opens lots.
	* [NEW] Cluster: redis-trib import support for --copy and 
		--replace options
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 333672 10 months ago (revision 71)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 333534 10 months ago (revision 70)
- update to 3.0.4
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 312110 about 1 year ago (revision 69)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 312099 about 1 year ago (revision 68)
- also pass the bind address to the redis-cli for shutdown
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 311057 about 1 year ago (revision 67)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 310872 about 1 year ago (revision 66)
- update to 3.0.2
  * [FIX] Critical security issue fix by Ben Murphy:
  * [FIX] SMOVE reply fixed when src and dst keys are the same.
          (Glenn Nethercutt)
  * [FIX] Lua cmsgpack lib updated to support str8 type.
          (Sebastian Waisbrot)
  * [NEW] ZADD support for options: NX, XX, CH. See new doc at
          redis.io.  (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
  * [NEW] Senitnel: CKQUORUM and FLUSHCONFIG commands back ported.
          (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 307519 about 1 year ago (revision 65)
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Marcus Rückert Marcus Rückert (darix) accepted request 307517 about 1 year ago (revision 64)
update to 3.0.1
buildservice-autocommit accepted request 294143 over 1 year ago (revision 63)
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Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 294142 over 1 year ago (revision 62)
- update to 3.0.0
  >> What's new in Redis 3.0 compared to Redis 2.8?
  * Redis Cluster: a distributed implementation of a subset of Redis.
  * New "embedded string" object encoding resulting in less cache
    misses. Big speed gain under certain work loads.
  * AOF child -> parent final data transmission to minimize latency
    due to "last write" during AOF rewrites.
  * Much improved LRU approximation algorithm for keys eviction.
  * WAIT command to block waiting for a write to be transmitted
    to the specified number of slaves.
  * MIGRATE connection caching. Much faster keys migraitons.
  * MIGARTE new options COPY and REPLACE.
  * CLIENT PAUSE command: stop processing client requests for a
    specified amount of time.
  * BITCOUNT performance improvements.
  * CONFIG SET accepts memory values in different units (for
    example you can use "CONFIG SET maxmemory 1gb").
  * Redis log format slightly changed reporting in each line the
    role of the instance (master/slave) or if it's a saving child
  * INCR performance improvements.
  >> Refactoring changes (no new features nor bug fixes)
  * Blocking operations full refactoring (blocked.c)
  * Client output buffer memory tracking refactored.
  for all the details see
- refreshed redis-enable-bactrace-on-x86-and-ia64-only.patch to
  apply cleanly
Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) committed over 1 year ago (revision 61)
Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 294021 over 1 year ago (revision 60)
- make sure we do not daemonize
- finished systemd support
- update to 2.8.19

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