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This module helps you write scripts that conform to best common practices,
quickly. Just include the above as a template, and your script will accept all
of the options that are included in the manual page, as well as summarising
them when you use the -h option.

(Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a `use' dependency automatically add
structure to your POD yet, so you have to include the above manually. If you
want your help message and Perldoc to be meaningful, that is.)

Shortcuts are provided to help you abort or die with various error conditions;
all of which print the name of the program running (taken from $0 if not
passed). The motive for this is that "small" scripts tend to just get written
and forgotten; so, when you have a larger system that is built out of lots of
these pieces it is sometimes guesswork figuring out which script a printed
message comes from!

Sam Vilain,

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