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A Port-Knocking Client with IPv6 support


The server part (package knockd) listens to all traffic on an ethernet
(or PPP) interface, looking for special "knock" sequences of port hits.
This client makes these port hits by sending a TCP (or UDP) packet to a
port on the server. This port does not need to be open. Since knockd
listens at the link-layer level, it sees all traffic even if it is
destined for a closed port. When the server detects a specific sequence
of port hits, it runs a command defined in its configuration file. This
can be used to open up holes in a firewall for quick access.

This package contains additional support for IPv6 with patches
taken from https://github.com/svalat/knock.git

Judd Vinet
Sebastien Valat

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
knock-0.5.patch 0000000581 581 Bytes over 2 years
knock-0.7.8git-ipv6.patch.bz2 0000009151 8.94 KB over 2 years
knock-0.7.8git.patch.bz2 0000008721 8.52 KB over 2 years
knock-0.7.tar.gz 0000110791 108 KB over 2 years
knock-include.patch 0000000212 212 Bytes over 2 years
knock.changes 0000002757 2.69 KB over 2 years
knock.spec 0000005364 5.24 KB over 2 years
knockd-suse.patch 0000001382 1.35 KB over 2 years
knockd.conf 0000000293 293 Bytes over 2 years
knockd.init 0000002656 2.59 KB over 2 years
knockd.service 0000000137 137 Bytes over 2 years
knockd.sysconfig 0000000148 148 Bytes over 2 years
knockd@.service 0000000185 185 Bytes over 2 years
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