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Library for Creation of Graphical User Interfaces (version 2)

This package is based on the package 'gtk2' from project 'openSUSE:Factory'.

This fast and versatile library is used all over the world for all
libgnome (GNOME) applications, gimp (The GIMP), and several others.
Originally, version 1 was written for the GIMP and hence has the name
GIMP ToolKit. Many people like it because it is small, efficient, and
very configurable.

Most applications which used gtk (GTK1) have since switched to GTK2.
Besides a more flexible API, it provides improved text rendering using
pango (Pango) and many other goodies, but GTK+ 2 lacks compatibility
with GTK1, so to switch, programmers have to port applications to it.

To develop applications with gtk, you need the package gtk2-devel.

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README.SUSE 0000000992 992 Bytes over 7 years
baselibs.conf 0000004289 4.19 KB over 8 years
bugzilla-129753-gtk+-2.8.9-localize-font-style-name.diff 0000001923 1.88 KB about 12 years
bugzilla-131498-allow-xim-for-all-languages.patch 0000000497 497 Bytes about 15 years
gtk+-2.24.25.tar.xz 0013327832 12.7 MB over 7 years
gtk-path-local.patch 0000002719 2.66 KB almost 9 years
gtk2-GTK_PATH64.patch 0000000458 458 Bytes over 8 years
gtk2-allow-deprecated-gdk-pixbuf-API.patch 0000000710 710 Bytes about 7 years
gtk2-bgo625202-30-bit-drawables-remain-black.patch 0000002443 2.39 KB over 7 years
gtk2-bnc130159-bgo319483-async-selection-in-gtk-font-selection.diff 0000008564 8.36 KB almost 13 years
gtk2-default-printer.patch 0000001179 1.15 KB almost 8 years
gtk2-window-dragging.patch 0000004377 4.27 KB about 10 years
gtk2.changes 0000145081 142 KB about 7 years
gtk2.spec 0000021916 21.4 KB about 7 years
gtkrc 0000000367 367 Bytes almost 14 years
macros.gtk2 0000001283 1.25 KB over 8 years
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