X11 compositor

Compton is a compositor for X, and a fork of xcompmgr-dana (in turn, a fork of xcompmgr)

Bugs were fixed, and some features added.

Fixes from the original xcompmgr:
* fixed a segfault when opening certain window types
* fixed a memory leak caused by not freeing up shadows (from the freedesktop repo)

Changes from xcompmgr:
* inactive window transparency (specified with -i)
* titlebar/frame transparency (specified with -e)
* menu transparency
* shadows are now enabled for argb windows, e.g. terminals with transparency
* removed serverside shadows (and simple compositing) to clean the code, the only option that remains is clientside shadows

The above features give compton a feature set similar to the xfce compositor.

Compton's frame transparency should work with any window manager that properly sets _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS.

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compton-7.1.tar.gz 0000219483 214 KB about 2 months
compton-convgen-python3.patch 0000000232 232 Bytes about 2 months
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compton.spec 0000003191 3.12 KB about 2 months
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etamPL wrote about 2 months ago

Thanks for this update. Don't hesitate to upload it to X11:lxde.