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Library Implementing the freedesktop.org Desktop Menu Specification


Garcon is a library based on GLib and GIO which implements the freedesktop.org
Desktop Menu Specification. It is the sucessor to libxfce4menu and covers
almost every part of the menu specification except for legacy menus and a few
XML attributes. It is capable of loading menus modified with menu editors such
as Alacarte and also supports merging.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
garcon-4.16.1.tar.bz2 0000520220 508 KB 5 months
libgarcon-x-suse-unimportant-support.patch 0000001648 1.61 KB about 7 years
libgarcon.changes 0000012053 11.8 KB 5 months
libgarcon.spec 0000005495 5.37 KB 5 months
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