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HP's Printing, Scanning, and Faxing Software

The Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing
project (HPLIP) provides a unified single and
multifunction connectivity solution for HP
printers and scanners (in particular,
HP all-in-one devices).

HPLIP provides unified connectivity for printing,
scanning, sending faxes, photo card access, and
device management and is designed to work with CUPS.

It includes the Ghostscript printer driver HPIJS
for HP printers and a special "hp" CUPS back-end
that provides bidirectional communication with the
device (required for HP printer device management).

It also includes the SANE scanner driver "hpaio"
for HP all-in-one devices. Basic PC send fax
functionality is supported on a number of devices.

The special "hpfax" CUPS back-end is required to
send faxes. Direct uploading (i.e. without print
and scan) of received faxes from the device to the
PC is not supported.

The "hp-toolbox" program is provided for device

The "hp-sendfax" program must be used to send faxes.

The "hp-setup" program can be used to set up
HP all-in-one devices.

The HPLIP project is open source software and uses
GPL-compatible licenses. For more information, see:



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Revert-changes-from-3.18.5-that-break-hp-setup-for-f.patch 0000001887 1.84 KB over 2 years
add_missing_includes_and_define_GNU_SOURCE.patch 0000002545 2.49 KB about 6 years
change-udev-rules.diff 0000003274 3.2 KB about 4 years
disable_hp-upgrade.patch 0000000536 536 Bytes about 4 years
hp-sendfax-avoid-crash-if-python-reportlab-is-missin.patch 0000001671 1.63 KB over 2 years
hp_ipp.h-add-missing-prototypes.patch 0000001325 1.29 KB over 4 years
hpijs-avoid-segfault-in-DJGenericVIP-DJGenericVIP.patch 0000002295 2.24 KB about 4 years
hpijs.1.gz 0000000682 682 Bytes over 15 years
hplip-3.19.12.tar.gz 0025676247 24.5 MB over 2 years
hplip-3.19.12.tar.gz.asc 0000000198 198 Bytes over 2 years
hplip-change-pgp-server.patch 0000000685 685 Bytes almost 3 years
hplip-misc-missing-includes-and-definitions.patch 0000001940 1.89 KB over 3 years
hplip-orblite-return-null.diff 0000000395 395 Bytes over 3 years
hplip-remove-imageprocessor.diff 0000004568 4.46 KB over 3 years
hplip-rpmlintrc 0000000068 68 Bytes about 4 years
hplip-udev-rules-in-usr.patch 0000000369 369 Bytes about 4 years
hplip.changes 0000125151 122 KB over 2 years
hplip.keyring 0000002312 2.26 KB over 9 years
hplip.spec 0000034916 34.1 KB over 2 years
no-systray-failure-message.patch 0000000791 791 Bytes almost 5 years
pcardext-python3-fixes.patch 0000002104 2.05 KB over 4 years
photocard-fix-import-error-for-pcardext.patch 0000000815 815 Bytes over 4 years
ui5-systemtray-wait-only-10s-for-system-tray.patch 0000000812 812 Bytes over 3 years
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