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A cross-platform and internationalized dictionary

StarDict is a Cross-Platform and international dictionary written in Gtk2.

It has powerful features such as "Glob-style pattern matching", "Scan selection word","Fuzzy query" etc.

The version allows using .mp3 (besides .wav, you may need to install sox or mplayer from packman repo) for real people TTS and thus espeak and festival plugins are not shipped. Users can install espeak and/or festival separately.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
compositelookup-cpp.patch 0000000785 785 Bytes about 10 years
ru.po 0000087808 85.8 KB over 10 years
stardict-3.0.3-fix-path-for-sounds.patch 0000000631 631 Bytes over 10 years
stardict-3.0.3-gcc46.patch 0000000375 375 Bytes over 10 years
stardict-3.0.3-improve-desktop-file.patch 0000000467 467 Bytes over 10 years
stardict-3.0.3-mp3-for-tts.patch 0000001453 1.42 KB over 10 years
stardict-3.0.3.tar.bz2 0009147947 8.72 MB over 10 years
stardict-tools-3.0.3-destbufferoverflow.patch 0000001043 1.02 KB over 10 years
stardict.changes 0000006924 6.76 KB over 10 years
stardict.spec 0000004493 4.39 KB about 10 years
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