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Version 3 of the Python programming language aka Python 3000

Python 3 is a new version of the language that is incompatible with the 2.x line of releases. The language is mostly the same, but many details, especially how built-in objects like dictionaries and strings work, have changed considerably, and a lot of deprecated features have finally been removed.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
00055-systemtap.patch 29.1 KB Download File
00102-lib64.patch 8.81 KB Download File
00104-lib64-fix-for-test_install.patch 733 Bytes Download File
00111-no-static-lib.patch 2.61 KB Download File
00113-more-configuration-flags.patch 1.8 KB Download File
00125-less-verbose-COUNT_ALLOCS.patch 922 Bytes Download File
00131-disable-tests-in-test_io.patch 694 Bytes Download File
00132-add-rpmbuild-hooks-to-unittest.patch 2.58 KB Download File
00134-fix-COUNT_ALLOCS-failure-in-test_sys.patch 1.1 KB Download File
00135-fix-test-within-test_weakref-in-debug-build.patch 997 Bytes Download File
00137-skip-distutils-tests-that-fail-in-rpmbuild.patch 831 Bytes Download File
00139-skip-test_float-known-failure-on-arm.patch 583 Bytes Download File
00141-fix-tests_with_COUNT_ALLOCS.patch 4.69 KB Download File
00143-tsc-on-ppc.patch 1.71 KB Download File
00146-hashlib-fips.patch 23.9 KB Download File
00150-disable-rAssertAlmostEqual-cmath-on-ppc.patch 693 Bytes Download File
00155-avoid-ctypes-thunks.patch 868 Bytes Download File
00157-uid-gid-overflows.patch 3.02 KB Download File
00160-disable-test_fs_holes-in-rpm-build.patch 680 Bytes Download File
00163-disable-parts-of-test_socket-in-rpm-build.patch 727 Bytes Download File
00164-disable-interrupted_write-tests-on-ppc.patch 2.28 KB Download File
00170-gc-assertions.patch 12.1 KB Download File
00173-workaround-ENOPROTOOPT-in-bind_port.patch 778 Bytes Download File
00178-dont-duplicate-flags-in-sysconfig.patch 1.22 KB Download File
00179-dont-raise-error-on-gdb-corrupted-frames-in-backtrace.patch 1.55 KB Download File
00180-python-add-support-for-ppc64p7.patch 471 Bytes Download File
00184-ctypes-should-build-with-libffi-multilib-wrapper.patch 536 Bytes Download File
00186-dont-raise-from-py_compile.patch 661 Bytes Download File
00188-fix-lib2to3-tests-when-hashlib-doesnt-compile-properly.patch 423 Bytes Download File
00196-test-gdb-match-addr-before-builtin.patch 1.49 KB Download File
00200-gettext-plural-fix.patch 611 Bytes Download File
00201-fix-memory-leak-in-gdbm.patch 330 Bytes Download File
00203-disable-threading-test-koji.patch 605 Bytes Download File
00205-make-libpl-respect-lib64.patch 472 Bytes Download File
00242-CVE-2016-1000110-httpoxy.patch 3.88 KB Download File
00248-ensure-gc-tracking-is-off-when-invoking-weakref-callbacks.patch 3.08 KB Download File
05000-autotool-intermediates.patch 2.34 KB Download File
Python-3.1.1-rpath.patch 1.13 KB Download File
Python-3.4.5.tar.xz 13.8 MB
check-pyc-and-pyo-timestamps.py 1.54 KB Download File
find-provides-without-python-sonames.sh 499 Bytes Download File
libpython.stp 488 Bytes Download File
macros.pybytecompile3.4 671 Bytes Download File
pyfuntop.stp 537 Bytes Download File
python3-arm-skip-failing-fragile-test.patch 530 Bytes Download File
python34-readline.patch 778 Bytes Download File
python34.spec 98.6 KB Download File
systemtap-example.stp 613 Bytes Download File
temporarily-disable-tests-requiring-SIGHUP.patch 1.36 KB Download File

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