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NuGet.Config.template 424 Bytes about 1 year ago Download File
Tools.tar.xz 115 MB about 1 year ago
create-msbuild-source-archive.sh 1.44 KB 5 months ago Download File
create-packages-archive.sh 576 Bytes 11 months ago Download File
mono_msbuild_d25dd923839404bd64cc63f420e75acf96fc75c4.zip 7.62 MB about 1 year ago
msbuild-2017.11.29.git.78282fb.tar.xz 6.79 MB 5 months ago
msbuild.changes 2.8 KB 4 months ago Download File
msbuild.spec 4.81 KB 4 months ago Download File
nuget_packages.tar.xz 246 MB 5 months ago
ubuntu_libs.tar.xz 7.05 MB about 1 year ago
use-local-sources.patch 1.01 KB about 1 year ago Download File
use-roslyn-vbc.patch 2.66 KB 4 months ago Download File

Comments for home:Warhammer40k:Mono:Factory (2)

Ismail Donmez namtrac wrote 10 months ago

Can you please fix and submit this to Mono:Factory? :) This is needed for new fsharp.

Hammer Faceman Warhammer40k wrote 10 months ago

Build process from M$ is very complicated and over-engineered: is depending on binary .netcore distribution from M$, tons of precompiled nuget packages (209MiB compressed!), precompiled old version of msbuild binary used as bootstrap, and much more complex stuff like that. It cannot be built for ARM\PPC archs for obvious reasons, and for now it also fails to build for Factory repo because of incompatibility of binary components used in build process.

In order to be build with OBS we need to perform some manual preparations: download of nuget components, binary .netcore and such stuff. I've made a relatively simple fix to the build system: it use locally installed versions of all binary stuff that normally downloaded from the internet during build process.

All this stuff must be prepared manually, I'm not sure that such package can be ever accepted to openSUSE:Factory in such state.

I can try to make a quick fix for this package in order to support current openSUSE:Factory build, if you accept such quick-and-dirty fix at least at Mono:Factory. But I think we need a totally new build system that will rely on current mono packages only. I do not have so much free time to create and support such build system and submit all changes back to M$: it really looks like a full time job (I'm available for such job offers now, if someone is interested).