The ffmpegthumbs-mattepaint is an alternative version of the standard KDE ffmpegthumbs.

The ffmpegthumbs-mattepaint:

- is using the QPainter & QImage to draw the thumbnail decorations.
- is using pseudo-random number to seek the preview image (5%..95%).
- is using the KDE frameworks5 thumbcreator api /KF5 thumbcreator/.
- can use external or attached images as the thumbnails.
- embedded Matroska cover
- embedded mp4 cover
- IMDb cover&data
- drag/pick image
- can use the KDE service menus /KDE context menus/ to add/remove the thumbnails
- As default the ffmpegthumbs-mattepaint is using the attched/embedded mp4/Matroska cover art for the thumbnail

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