Apache 2 Bandwidth Quota and Throttling

This package is based on the package 'apache2-mod_cband' from project 'Apache:Modules'.

mod_cband is an Apache 2 module provided to solve the problem of limiting
users' and virtualhosts' bandwidth usage. The current versions can set
virtualhosts' and users' bandwidth quotas, maximal download speed (like in
mod_bandwidth), requests-per-second speed and the maximal number of simultanous
IP connections (like in mod_limitipconn)

I advise using mod_cband by hosting companies, which would like to limit data
transfer for their users, such as "10 Gb of traffic per month". There already
exists the mod_curb module, which can limit data transfers, but it doesn't work
with virtualhosts and Apache 2, so I wrote my own module fully compatible with
Apache 2 API and supporting per-user and per-virtualhost bandwidth limiting

* Lukasz Dembinski
* Sergey V. Beduev
* Kyle Poulter
* J. Kendzorra
* Adam Dawidowski
* Arvind Srinivasan

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