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OpenStack Compute (Nova)

Nova is a cloud computing fabric controller (the main part of an IaaS system) built to match the popular AWS EC2 and S3 APIs. It is written in Python, using the Tornado and Twisted frameworks, and relies on the standard AMQP messaging protocol.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)

Filename Size Changed Actions
0001-Allow-placement-endpoint-interface-to-be-set.patch 2.72 KB Download File
0001-Always-set-model-netfront-for-xen-over-libvirt.patch 1.61 KB Download File
0001-Block-swap-volume-attempts-with-encrypted-volumes.patch 11.3 KB Download File
0001-Delete-allocation-of-evacuated-instance.patch 4.33 KB Download File
0001-Don-t-refresh-info_cache-while-a-instance-gets-delet.patch 2.94 KB Download File
0001-Fix-cleaning-up-evacuated-instances.patch 5.04 KB Download File
0001-Fix-qemu-img-convert-image-incompatability-in-alpine.patch 2.08 KB Download File
0001-Fix-root_device_name-for-Xen.patch 3.03 KB Download File
0001-Fix-wrapping-of-neutron-forbidden-error.patch 1.96 KB Download File
0001-Fix_Nova_to_allow_using_cinder_v3_endpoint.patch 1.17 KB Download File
0001-Handle-alternative-UEFI-boot-loader-locations-on-SLE.patch 2.78 KB Download File
0001-Report-reserved_host_disk_mb-in-GB-not-KB.patch 2.67 KB Download File
0001-Use_the_keystone_session_loader_in_the_placement_reporting.patch 3.3 KB Download File
0001-add-missing-compute-uuids.patch 3.81 KB Download File
0001-avoid-lazy-error-multi-az.patch 4 KB Download File
0001-nova-manage-cell_v2-map_cell0-exit-0.patch 3.12 KB Download File
0013-Stop_undefine_domain_erroring_if_domain_not_found.patch 3.92 KB Download File
README.config 1.46 KB Download File
_service 458 Bytes Download File
nova-placement-api.conf.sample 722 Bytes Download File
nova-stable-newton.tar.gz 5.36 MB
nova-sudoers 205 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-api-metadata.service 334 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-api-os-compute.service 338 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-api.service 406 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-cells.service 320 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-cert.service 318 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-compute.service 332 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-conductor.service 329 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-console.service 325 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-consoleauth.service 333 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-doc.changes 503 KB Download File
openstack-nova-doc.spec 2.2 KB Download File
openstack-nova-manage.sh 1.55 KB Download File
openstack-nova-network.service 325 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-novncproxy.service 314 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-polkit.rules 225 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-scheduler.service 329 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-serialproxy.service 316 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy.service 324 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova-vncproxy.service 313 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova.changes 842 KB Download File
openstack-nova.conf 33 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova.logrotate 157 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova.modprobe 24 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova.modules 14 Bytes Download File
openstack-nova.spec 31.8 KB Download File
org.openstack.nova.compute.pkla 157 Bytes Download File
rpmlintrc 427 Bytes Download File

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