Becoming root with one's own password

Calife is a lightweight alternative to Sudo. It allows selected users to
obtain a shell with the identity of root, or another user, after entering
their own password. This permits the system administrator to grant root
privileges without sharing the root password.

Source Files
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001-honor-destdir.patch 0000001085 1.06 KB 7 months
002-fix-mandir-for-suse.patch 0000000496 496 Bytes about 9 years
003-pass-tty-to-whoami.patch 0000000775 775 Bytes 7 months
004-dont-chown-chgrp.patch 0000000906 906 Bytes 7 months
calife-3.0.6.tar.xz 0000098768 96.5 KB 7 months
calife.spec 0000002231 2.18 KB 7 months
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