A new user interface for you!

a GTK+ 2ch.net BBS browser


The ochusha is BBS, especially 2ch.net, browser with GUI.
It uses the GTK+ toolkit for all of its interface needs.
The ochusha offers a sort of features such as multi-level
popup view of `response's, embeded and popup view of
images that helps users to interact with BBSs.

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ochusha-0.6.tar.bz2 0002404408 2.29 MB over 9 years
ochusha-0.6_gtk_deprecated_g_const_return.patch 0000001990 1.94 KB almost 8 years
ochusha-0.6_gtk_deprecated_macros.patch 0000001313 1.28 KB over 8 years
ochusha-0.6_gtk_deprecated_macros2.patch 0000001580 1.54 KB over 8 years
ochusha-0.6_opensuse.desktopfile.patch 0000000447 447 Bytes over 9 years
ochusha-0.6_opensuse.patch 0000003289 3.21 KB over 8 years
ochusha.spec 0000009889 9.66 KB over 7 years
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