A Unix Web Authenticator

Pwauth is an authenticator designed to be used with mod_auth_external or
mod_authnz_external and the Apache HTTP Daemon to support reasonably secure web
authentication out of the system password database on most versions of Unix.

What pwauth actually does is very simple. Given a login and a password, it
returns a status code indicating whether it is a valid login/password or not.
It is normally installed as an suid-root program, so other programs (like
Apache or a CGI program) can run it to check if a login/password is valid even
though they don't themselves have read access to the system password database.

Jan Wolter

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pwauth-2.3.10_config.patch 0000000816 816 Bytes almost 7 years
pwauth-2.3.11.tar.gz 0000023974 23.4 KB about 5 years
pwauth-2.3.11_longsleep.patch 0000000281 281 Bytes about 5 years
pwauth-2.3.11_makeitbuild.patch 0000000593 593 Bytes about 5 years
pwauth-rpmlintrc 0000000047 47 Bytes almost 7 years
pwauth.apache_conf_d 0000000113 113 Bytes almost 7 years
pwauth.changes 0000001016 1016 Bytes almost 7 years
pwauth.pam 0000000164 164 Bytes almost 7 years
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pwauth.spec 0000002397 2.34 KB about 5 years
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