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A BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix


LibTorrent is a BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix, with a focus on high performance and good code. The library differentiates itself from other implementations by transfering directly from file pages to the network stack. On high-bandwidth connections it is able to seed at 3 times the speed of the official client.

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0001-Fix-the-DH-parameters-generation-with-OpenSSL-1.1.patch 0000001967 1.92 KB 7 months
libtorrent-0.13.7.tar.gz 0000782854 765 KB 7 months
libtorrent.changes 0000003052 2.98 KB over 1 year
libtorrent.rpmlintrc 0000000086 86 Bytes 7 months
libtorrent.spec 0000003082 3.01 KB 7 months
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