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A PAM Module that can Mount Volumes for a User Session

This module is aimed at environments with central file servers that a
user wishes to mount on login and unmount on logout, such as
(semi-)diskless stations where many users can logon.

The module also supports mounting local filesystems of any kind the
normal mount utility supports, with extra code to make sure certain
volumes are set up properly because often they need more than just a
mount call, such as encrypted volumes. This includes SMB/CIFS, FUSE,
dm-crypt and LUKS.

Jan Engelhardt

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
baselibs.conf 0000000080 80 Bytes over 7 years
convert_keyhash.pl 0000004637 4.53 KB over 10 years
convert_pam_mount_conf.pl 0000008936 8.73 KB over 10 years
mount.crypt 0000000556 556 Bytes about 9 years
pam_mount-0.47-enable-logout-kill.dif 0000000567 567 Bytes over 4 years
pam_mount-2.15-ismountpoint.patch 0000005900 5.76 KB almost 4 years
pam_mount-2.15.tar.asc 0000000819 819 Bytes over 4 years
pam_mount-2.15.tar.xz 0000312076 305 KB over 4 years
pam_mount.changes 0000019666 19.2 KB over 4 years
pam_mount.keyring 0000008050 7.86 KB over 6 years
pam_mount.spec 0000006177 6.03 KB almost 4 years
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