XyGrib a leading opensource weather visualization package

XyGrib with OpenGribs - 'open-source meets open-data'
Serious about your weather? The combination of the best in free and open software with the best in free and open data can be found here.

XyGrib is a leading opensource weather visualization package that now interacts with OpenGribs's Grib server providing a choice of global and large area atmospheric and wave models.

XyGrib also uses free and open pre-cut Gribs of high resolution regional models found on sister site OpenSkiron.org

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norulz wrote 12 months ago

Hello Dominig,

I took a look at your sandbox and noticed that you have used XyGrib code from the Master branch which is work in progress for release 1.2.2 at some time in the near future. This includes a significant amount of yet untested code changes.

The latest release is version 1.2.0. Please use this version and not development code.

A second issue is that you have hacked the software code and removed an integral feature for checking updates and notification regarding this to the users of XyGrib. This is an important feature as we put heavy value on servicing and supporting our users and you have unilaterally decided to block us from part of our valued connection with our users.

You have also hacked the data files location logic. This will lead to support problems that we will be unable to deal with.

If you wish to change XyGrib you are free to fork it but please offer us the courtesy of identifying the package differently. You should also make it clear that you are the supporter to the software and not identify it with opengribs.org or XyGrib. You will also need to provide a suitable grib server for the fork.

Thank you, David Gal openGribs.org