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Roger Router (roger)

 * Plugins support with PEAS (C, Vala, Python, JavaScript)
 * Splitted ui from lib (GTK frontend, CLI frontend)
 * GApplication (Jumplist in GNOME 3)
 * GNetworkMonitor for reduced network transfer
 * Faster detection routine
 * Call list search now automatically search all columns (no user input)
 * Status icon available as plugin
 * Instant apply of settings using gsettings (dconf, registry)
 * Moved almost everything to plugins with signal support
 * Cleaner interface which can be extended by plugins
 * SOUP network for a/synchronous calls to router to let UI be responsive
 * Improved parser (e.g. 10x faster for caller list parsing, 4x faster for
   ab parsing, 3x faster areacodes lookup)
 * Use complete session time
   (reduced login/logout calls improves general router performance)
 * Size is 1/3 compared to ffgtk
Some plugins are packaged separately.
 If you want to use the incoming notification in Roger Router
 you must enable this feature within your fritzbox with #96*5*.
 If you want to use the fax function in Roger Router you must
 enable capi-over-tcp within your fritzbox with #96*3* and the
 user must be a member of the group fax.
 * roger (User interfaces, GUI and CLI)
 * roger-plugins-appindicator (Status icon plugin using AppIndicator support) [openSUSE]
 * roger-plugins-evolution (Evolution adress book support)
 * roger-plugins-fritzfon (FRITZ!Box adress book support)
 * roger-plugins-gnotification (Display notification about incoming/outgoing/missed calls and plays sounds)
 * roger-plugins-google (Google adress book support)
 * roger-plugins-gtknotify (Display notification about incoming/outgoing/missed calls using GTK)
 * roger-plugins-indicator (Status icon plugin using AppIndicator support) [ArchLinux/Debian/xUbuntu]
 * roger-plugins-kwallet (KDE wallet support)
 * roger-plugins-notification (Display notification about incoming/outgoing/missed calls and plays sounds)
 * roger-plugins-statusicon (Status icon plugin using GTK following FreeDesktop standard)
 * roger-plugins-thunderbird (Thunderbird adress book support)
 * roger-plugins-vcard (VCard adress book support)
 * roger-plugins-webjournal (Store journal as html file on a server)
 * libroutermanager (Runtime Library)[ArchLinux/Fedora/openSUSE]
 * libroutermanager0 (Runtime Library) [Debian/xUbuntu]
 * libroutermanager-plugins-gstreamer1 (Audio plugin for GStreamer) [default]
 * libroutermanager-plugins-pulseaudio (Audio plugin for PulseAudio)
 * libroutermanager-plugins-secret (Secret password storage)
 * libroutermanager-dev (Buildtime Library) [Debian/xUbuntu]
 * libroutermanager-devel (Buildtime Library) [ArchLinux/Fedora/openSUSE]

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)

Filename Size Changed Actions
PKGBUILD 17.4 KB Download File
baselibs.conf 16 Bytes Download File
roger-Debian_7.0.dsc 2.58 KB Download File
roger-Debian_8.0.dsc 3.24 KB Download File
roger-Debian_9.0.dsc 3.18 KB Download File
roger-plugins.install 189 Bytes Download File
roger-router-1.8.11.tar.xz 716 KB Download File
roger-router-1.9.3.tar.xz 785 KB Download File
roger-router_1.8.11-0tabos2~wheezy.debian.tar.gz 10.2 KB Download File
roger-router_1.8.11.orig.tar.gz 1.35 MB Download File
roger-router_1.9.3-0tabos1~jessie.debian.tar.xz 9.7 KB Download File
roger-router_1.9.3-0tabos1~stretch.debian.tar.xz 7.42 KB Download File
roger-router_1.9.3-0tabos1~trusty.debian.tar.gz 12 KB Download File
roger-router_1.9.3-0tabos1~xenial.debian.tar.xz 8.59 KB Download File
roger-router_1.9.3-0tabos1~zesty.debian.tar.xz 7.68 KB Download File
roger-router_1.9.3.orig.tar.xz 797 KB Download File
roger-xUbuntu_14.04.dsc 2.75 KB Download File
roger-xUbuntu_16.04.dsc 3.24 KB Download File
roger-xUbuntu_17.04.dsc 3.21 KB Download File
roger.install 647 Bytes Download File
roger.spec 32.8 KB Download File
roger.te 337 Bytes Download File

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