The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer

HAProxy implements an event-driven, mono-process model which enables support
for very high number of simultaneous connections at very high speeds.
Multi-process or multi-threaded models can rarely cope with thousands of
connections because of memory limits, system scheduler limits, and lock
contention everywhere. Event-driven models do not have these problems because
implementing all the tasks in user-space allows a finer resource and time
management. The down side is that those programs generally don't scale well on
multi-processor systems. That's the reason why they must be optimized to get
the most work done from every CPU cycle.


Source Files
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haproxy-1.2.16_config_haproxy_user.patch 0000000678 678 Bytes almost 13 years
haproxy-1.5.4.tar.gz 0001336140 1.27 MB about 5 years
haproxy-1.5_check_config_before_start.patch 0000000494 494 Bytes over 5 years
haproxy-makefile_lib.patch 0000000427 427 Bytes over 5 years
haproxy-rpmlintrc 0000000172 172 Bytes about 8 years
haproxy.changes 0000043148 42.1 KB about 5 years
haproxy.init 0000010158 9.92 KB about 7 years
haproxy.spec 0000006703 6.55 KB about 5 years
haproxy.vim 0000007742 7.56 KB over 12 years
local.usr.sbin.haproxy.apparmor 0000000070 70 Bytes over 5 years
sec-options.patch 0000001179 1.15 KB over 5 years
usr.sbin.haproxy.apparmor 0000000658 658 Bytes over 5 years
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