Mellanox Firmware Burning and Diagnostics Tools

This package contains a burning tool and diagnostic tools for Mellanox
manufactured HCA/NIC cards. It also provides access to the relevant
source code. Please see the file LICENSE for licensing details.

This package is based on a subset of the Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT)
package. For a full documentation of the MFT package, please refer to
the downloads page at the Mellanox web site.

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mstflint-no_Werror.patch 0000000654 654 Bytes over 5 years
mstflint-s390_arch.patch 0000004591 4.48 KB over 5 years
mstflint.changes 0000004078 3.98 KB over 5 years
mstflint.spec 0000002851 2.78 KB about 5 years
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