Surveillance solution using your webcam

You can use this to implement a surveillance solution with a webcam.
motion is good in motion detection.
Pretty lightweight , yet flexible and feature-rich daemon.

Note that the version build against straight openSUSE repositories
does not contain support for video encoding -- you need to rpmbuild
the .src.rpm yourself on a system that has ffmpeg installed to get
those capabilities.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
motion-3.2.12.tar.bz2 0000321779 314 KB about 10 years
motion-find-ffmpeg.diff 0000000856 856 Bytes almost 10 years
motion-logitech.diff 0000000783 783 Bytes almost 10 years
motion.changes 0000000600 600 Bytes almost 10 years
motion.init 0000005983 5.84 KB almost 10 years
motion.spec 0000006054 5.91 KB almost 10 years
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