A free tool to analyze performance

The nmon tool is designed for AIX and Linux performance specialists to use for monitoring and analyzing performance data, including:
CPU utilization
Memory use
Kernel statistics and run queue information
Disks I/O rates, transfers, and read/write ratios
Free space on file systems
Disk adapters
Network I/O rates, transfers, and read/write ratios
Paging space and paging rates
CPU and AIX specification
Top processors
IBM HTTP Web cache
User-defined disk groups
Machine details and resources
Asynchronous I/O -- AIX only
Workload Manager (WLM) -- AIX only
IBM TotalStorage® Enterprise Storage Server® (ESS) disks -- AIX only
Network File System (NFS)
Dynamic LPAR (DLPAR) changes -- only pSeries p5 and OpenPower for either AIX or Linux

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