AVLdrums is a drum sample player plugin dedicated to Glen MacArthur's AVLdrums. This self-contained plugin provides a convenient way to rapidly sequence and mix midi-drums.

The AVLdrums comes as two separate drumkits: Black Pearl and Red Zeppelin. There are 5 velocity layers for each of the 28 kits pieces or drum-zones for both kits.

The main benefits compared to loading the soundfont into a generic sample player are:

-built-in MIDNAM: The plugin informs the host about note-names
-Semantic grouping of ports: fan-out separate mics to individual tracks
-Compatible stereo/multi-out variant: Allows to in-place replace the stereo version with multi-out. Start with stereo when sequencing and when moving to the mixing stage use separate outputs to process or customize level and pan of individual drums.

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