lv2-gxplugins is a set of extra standalone lv2 plugins designed to compliment the Guitarix project.


GxBottleRocket.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Mesa V1 Bottle Rocket* tube overdrive
GxDOP250.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Analog Man DOD OD-250 Yellow Overdrive*
GxGuvnor.lv2 - Based on the Marshall "The Guv'nor" Overdrive*
GxHotBox.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Matchless Hot Box* tube overdrive
GxSD1.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive*
GxSD2Lead.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive*
GxValveCaster.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Valve Caster*
GxBoobTube.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Boob Tube*
GxShakaTube.lv2electric_plug - Based on the ShakaTube*
GxBaJaTubeDriver.lv2electric_plug - Based on the BaJaTubeDriver*
GxTimRay.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Vemuram Jan Ray*
GxLuna.lv2electric_plug - Gnarly overdrive pedal simulation
GxSloopyBlue.lv2electric_plug - Overdrive pedal simulation
GxEternity.lv2electric_plug - Low compression overdrive pedal
GxClubDrive.lv2electric_plug - Overdrive Pedal Simulation based on a EF86 Pentode Valve Simulation.
GxAxisFace.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Axis Face Silicon* fuzz
GxFz1b.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Robert Moog-designed Maestro FZ-1B* fuzz
GxFz1s.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Maestro FZ-1S Super-Fuzz*
GxHyperion.lv2 - Based on the Devi Ever FX Hyperion* fuzz
GxHeathkit.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Heathkit TA-28* distortion/booster/fuzz
GxKnightFuzz.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Basic Audio Knight Fuzz* fuzz
GxLiquidDrive.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Liquid Drive* fuzz, a modified Ross Distortion*
GxSuppaToneBender.lv2 - Based on the Vox Supa Tonebender* fuzz
GxSaturator.lv2 - Based on the Joe Satriani-specified Vox Satchurator* distortion
GxSunFace.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Analog Man Sun Face* fuzz
GxSuperFuzz.lv2 - Based on the Univox Super-Fuzz*
GxToneMachine.lv2 - Based on the Foxx Tone Machine* fuzz
GxTubeDistortion.lv2electric_plug - Generic tube distortion based on
GxVintageFuzzMaster.lv2 - Based on the Devi Ever Vintage Fuzz Master*
GxVoodoFuzz.lv2 - Based on the Voodoo Lab SuperFuzz*. It's basically a Bosstone* circuit, followed by the tone control of the Foxx Tone Machine* in parralel with a Devi Ever Dark Boost*.

GxMicroAmp.lv2electric_plug - A simple booster
GxVBassPreAmp.lv2electric_plug - Simulation of the 1984 Vox Venue Bass 100 Pre Amp* section
GxSVT.lv2electric_plug - Based on the Ampeg SVT-CL Bass Head*
GxVmk2.lv2 - Based on Vox MKII* solid state preamp of the late 60s
GxUvox720k - Based on Univox 720k keyboard amp from 1978
GxCreamMachineelectric_plug - Based on different circuits * Poweramp
GxEpic.lv2electric_plug - Based on Valve Junior*
GxSupersonic.lv2electric_plug - Based on different circuits * Poweramp
GxBlueAmp.lv2electric_plug - Single - ended head amplifier simulation inspired by late 1950s Fender “Princeton” and “Champ” amplifier designs, it delivers tight bass, clean mids and highs.
GxPlexi.lv2electric_plug - Power Amp simulation * Poweramp

GxQuack.lv2electric_plug - Autowah
GxSlowGear.lv2 - Based on the Boss Gx SlowGear*, attack-smoothing, auto-swelling pedal of the early 80s
GxUltraCab.lv2electric_plug - Cabinet simulator pedal

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