Guitarix is a simple mono amplifier to be used in a 'JACKified'
environment, i.e. a system using the JACK Audio Connection Kit, a
professionally-capable audio/MIDI server and master transport control,
available here:

Guitarix provides one JACK input port and two JACK output ports. It is
designed to produce nice trash/metal/rock/blues guitar sounds. Controls
for bass, treble, gain, compressor, tube selector, distortion, flanger,
freeverb, crybaby (wah) and . . . . are available.

guitarix is licensed under GPL.

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guitarix2-0.32.1.tar.bz2 0020654862 19.7 MB almost 5 years
guitarix2-0.32.3.tar.bz2 0020759487 19.8 MB over 4 years
guitarix2-0.34.0.tar.bz2 0022355722 21.3 MB almost 4 years
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