Secure collaboration platform

Wire is an open source, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging client. It
uses the Internet to make voice and video calls; send text messages, files,
images, videos, audio files and user drawings depending on the clients used. It
can be used on any of the available clients, requiring a phone number or email
for registration.

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Wire-3.9.2895_amd64.deb 0053648466 51.2 MB 8 months
wire-desktop-rpmlintrc 0000000225 225 Bytes almost 2 years
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Comments for wire-desktop 2

Aurélien Murith's avatar

Plastikente wrote about 1 year ago

Thanks for the package, it is very nice! However, the icon does not look well in the KDE system tray, maybe there is a way to improve that? It looks much better in Xfce. Example of how it looks in KDE:

Gleb Rudenkov's avatar

glebr wrote about 1 year ago

Hi, I am very pleased that this package is useful for someone. I also have KDE and this trouble with tray icon. I checked the location of the icons, it is correct. So I have no ideas.