Lightweight System Resource and Process Monitor

Monitor system resources and the processes using those resources.

* Overhead is low, supporting a sample interval down to 0.1 seconds
* Overall system and top process resources are shown on one page
* CPU, memory, disk I/O, network I/O, and page faults are monitored
* Usage for N CPUs shown on a scale from zero to N x 100%
* The highest ranked processes fitting in the window are shown, with minimal
jumping around between samples (easy to watch one or a few processes)
* Process rank is a weighted sum of CPU, hard page faults, and disk I/O over
the last few samples (the weight of each sample declines over time)
* Filter processes by user, PID, executable
* Font can be made large or small (for display in monitor corner)
* Click on a process to kill the process (after confirmation)


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