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Nextcloud desktop synchronisation client

The Nextcloud Desktop Client is a tool to synchronise files from the Nextcloud Server with your computer.

Nextcloud Desktop enables you to connect to your private Nextcloud Server.
With it you can create directories in your home directory, and keep the contents of those directories synced with the server.
Simply copy a file into the directory and the desktop synchronisation client does the rest.

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Jos Poortvliet's avatar

jos_poortvliet wrote about 1 year ago

Current state - failing on lack of Qt 5.15 in Leap 15.3 and older. The Nc team wants to make it possible to build the client with older Qt versions, so I'll give them some time to work on that - the 3.4.2 might build, I'll then submit again for inclusion in Tumbleweed.

Carsten Ziepke's avatar

Kieltux wrote about 1 year ago

Hi Jos, according to https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/wiki/System-requirements-for-compiling-the-desktop-client only qt 5.12 is needed. Is the wiki outdated? Thank you, Kieltux

Jos Poortvliet's avatar

jos_poortvliet wrote about 1 year ago

You are correct, it is outdated. I've updated that page. We are looking to see if we can bring Qt requirements down again, there's a patch for a QML issue but I'm not sure that's enough - I leave that to the devs.

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