Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device

This is a deamon that emulates Microsoft's Internet Connection Service (ICS). It implements the UPnP Internet Gateway Device specification (IGD) and allows UPnP aware clients, such as MSN Messenger to work properly from behind a Linux NAT firewall.

Source Files
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06-paranoid-port-forwarding.patch 0000003261 3.18 KB over 8 years
linuxigd-1.0.tar.gz 0000035396 34.6 KB over 8 years
linuxigd.spec 0000003027 2.96 KB about 2 months
upnpd.conf.5 0000003863 3.77 KB over 8 years
upnpd.rc 0000001667 1.63 KB over 8 years
upnpd.sysconfig 0000000365 365 Bytes over 8 years
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