A simple OCaml client for Google Services


**gapi-ocaml** is a simple, unofficial, OCaml client for Google Services. The
library supports ClientLogin, OAuth 1.0a, and OAuth 2.0 authentication.
Supported RESTful APIs:

* Calendar APIs v3
* Google+ API v1
* Tasks API v1
* APIs Discovery Service v1
* URL Shortener API v1
* OAuth2 API v2
* Custom Search API v1
* Google Analytics API v3
* Page Speed Online API v1
* Blogger API v2
* Site Verification API v1
* AdSense Management API v1.1
* BigQuery API v2
* Drive API v2
* Gmail API v1

Google Data Protocol APIs (GData):

* Google Documents List API v3 (supports Google Drive)

### Features

* Monadic interface
* [Functional lenses](http://astrada.github.com/gapi-ocaml/GapiLens.html) to
access data structures
* Service generator (experimental): a tool for generating client libraries for
APIs based on the Google API Discovery format

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