Phoenix Firestorm, Developer version

The Phoenix Firestorm Viewer (Developer/LGPL Version)

The Phoenix Firestorm Project is currently active in developing the Firestorm Viewer, the successor to the now discontinued Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm Viewer is based on the Linden Lab V3 LGPL code base and has an enormous number of features, options and interface customization choices, including a look similar to its predecessor Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm is developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

Work in progress! Not ready for public consumption!

Source Files
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_constraints 0000000167 167 Bytes over 1 year
find-requires 0000000074 74 Bytes about 9 years
fmodstudio-2.01.05-linux64-202860633.tar.bz2 0000732885 716 KB 17 days
fs-build-variables.42d48cb.tar.xz 0000004316 4.21 KB 3 months
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl- 0041030500 39.1 MB about 11 hours
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl-rpmlintrc 0000000382 382 Bytes almost 5 years
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl.changes 0003645629 3.48 MB about 11 hours
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl.permissions 0000000074 74 Bytes over 3 years
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl.spec 0000009456 9.23 KB about 11 hours
prebuilds-x86_64-6.4.tar.xz 0608574440 580 MB 3 days
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