Desktop workspace implementation

Kor is an implementation of a desktop workspace, consisting of a desktop window, 'run command' dialog and panel(s). Each component can be disabled, so Kor can be also used for example only as a 'run command' dialog.

Although still under development, it is already usable for users who consider the current feature set sufficient and can handle manual configuration.

Current status (0.3.2):
- run command dialog
- desktop window
- panels
- Plasma applets support for panels
- native clock applet (more to be done)
- image, color and Plasma wallpaper support
- config file (no configuration UI)
- follows KDE color scheme and widget style
- some Plasma applets have various problems that seem to be their bugs, which however do not show with plasma-desktop (workarounds for some cases are included)

See the README file for further details.

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