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LZWolf is a fork of ECWolf (a Wolfenstein 3D engine based of
Wolf4SDL) created to enable developers to easily create even more
adventurous mods and games.

A cronjob automatically triggers an upload every night.

# 01) add repository
sudo zypper ar obs://home:mnhauke:games:nightly home:mnhauke:games:nightly
# 02) install lzwolf
sudo zypper install lzwolf
# the lzwolf package will then be updated with the regular distro update mechanisms

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  • osc -A checkout home:mnhauke:games:nightly/lzwolf && cd $_
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_service 0000000515 515 Bytes
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lzwolf-0~git20221226.a2419060.obscpio 0150461454 143 MB
lzwolf-use-correct-binary-path.patch 0000000369 369 Bytes
lzwolf.changes 0000005851 5.71 KB
lzwolf.obsinfo 0000000112 112 Bytes
lzwolf.spec 0000002351 2.3 KB
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