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A content aware, plug-able proxy server for MariaDB/MySQL


MaxScale is an intelligent proxy that allows forwarding of
database statements to one or more database servers using complex rules,
a semantic understanding of the database statements and the roles of
the various servers within the backend cluster of databases.

MaxScale is designed to provide load balancing and high availability
functionality transparently to the applications. In addition it provides
a highly scalable and flexibile architecture, with plugin components to
support different protocols and routing decissions.

MaxScale is implemented in C and makes extensive use of the
asynchronous I/O capabilities of the Linux operating system. The epoll
system is used to provide the event driven framework for the input and
output via sockets.

The protocols are implemented as external shared object modules which
can be loaded at runtime. These modules support a fixed interface,
communicating the entries points via a structure consisting of a set of
function pointers. This structure is called the "module object".

The code that routes the queries to the database servers is also loaded
as external shared objects and are referred to as routing modules.

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Jon Brightwell's avatar

moozaad wrote over 3 years ago

I managed to get 1.4.5 to build (-DBUILD_CDC=N) on tumbleweed directly from git, after including every *-devel including the kitchen sink (why gnutls?). I could not however get it to compile on OBS due to PCRE errors I didn't see on the desktop. It would be nice to get it to 1.4.5 as it's the last GPL version before they switch to BSL.

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