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Development files for qtcreator

This packages contains the basic development files for Qt Creator.

Qt Creator is a new, lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) designed to make development with the Qt application framework even faster and easier.

This package by itself is of no use, you will have to include the needed libraries and plugins development files which are located in separate packages so that the minimal amount of files is installed.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
001-move_binaries-4.3.0.patch 2.9 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.4.0.patch 2.9 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.4.1.patch 2.9 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.5.0.patch 2.9 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.6.0.patch 2.9 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.6.1.patch 2.86 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.7.0.patch 2.86 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.7.1.patch 2.86 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.7.2.patch 2.86 KB Download File
001-move_binaries-4.8.0.patch 2.91 KB Download File
002-move_doc-4.3.0.patch 714 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.4.0.patch 714 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.4.1.patch 714 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.5.0.patch 714 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.6.0.patch 714 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.6.1.patch 706 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.7.0.patch 706 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.7.1.patch 706 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.7.2.patch 706 Bytes Download File
002-move_doc-4.8.0.patch 706 Bytes Download File
003-qtcreator_pri_path-4.3.0.patch 1.58 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.4.0.patch 1.55 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.4.1.patch 1.55 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.5.0.patch 1.47 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.6.0.patch 1.23 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.6.1.patch 1.21 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.7.0.patch 1.21 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.7.1.patch 1.21 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.7.2.patch 1.21 KB Download File
003-run_control_signal-4.8.0.patch 1.21 KB Download File
004-destdir-4.7.0.patch 1.1 KB Download File
004-destdir-4.7.1.patch 1.1 KB Download File
004-destdir-4.7.2.patch 1.1 KB Download File
004-destdir-4.8.0.patch 1.1 KB Download File
qtcreator-devel-4.3.0.tar.xz 16.6 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.4.0.tar.xz 20.2 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.4.1.tar.xz 20.2 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.5.0.tar.xz 21 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.6.0.tar.xz 22.6 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.6.1.tar.xz 22.5 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.7.0.tar.xz 23.1 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.7.1.tar.xz 23.1 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.7.2.tar.xz 23.1 MB
qtcreator-devel-4.8.0.tar.xz 23.6 MB
qtcreator-devel.changes 6.82 KB Download File
qtcreator-devel.spec 32.5 KB Download File

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