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Viewer and Converter for Images

GraphicsMagick(TM) provides a powerful image manipulation
andtranslation utility. It is capable of displaying still images and
animations using the X Window system which provides a simple interface
forinteractively editing images, and is capable of importing selected
windows or the entire desktop. GraphicsMagick is one of your choices if
you need a program to manipulate and display images.It can read and
write over 88 image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, WMF, SVG, PNG, PNM,
GIF, andPhoto CD. Besides it allows you to resize, rotate, sharpen,
color reduce, or add special effects to an image and to save the result
to any supported format. GraphicsMagick may be used to create animated
or transparent .gifs, to composite images, to create thumbnail images
and a lot more. If you want to develop your own applications which use
GraphicsMagick code or APIs, you need to install GraphicsMagick-devel
as well.

This package is compiled with Q8, which means that it provides better
performance on 8 bit images and less.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)

Filename Size Changed Actions
GraphicsMagick-1.3.25.tar.bz2 7.33 MB
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9805.patch 639 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9807.patch 1.57 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9809.patch 794 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9815.patch 1.88 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9817.patch 1.46 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9820.patch 590 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9834.patch 755 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9835,9831.patch 716 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9837.patch 814 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9845.patch 2.68 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9846.patch 2.59 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2014-9853.patch 785 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10048.patch 838 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10050.patch 2.18 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10051.patch 843 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10052.patch 1.04 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10068.patch 1.83 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10070.patch 824 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-10146.patch 1.29 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-5118.patch 374 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-6823.patch 853 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7101.patch 1.44 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7515.patch 1.45 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7522.patch 1003 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7528.patch 1.15 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7529.patch 954 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7531.patch 866 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7533.patch 731 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7537.patch 770 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7800.patch 1.37 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-7996,7997.patch 5.44 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-8682.patch 707 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-8683.patch 1.58 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-8684.patch 1.79 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-8862.patch 966 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-8866.patch 638 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-9556.patch 1.02 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-9830.patch 1.37 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-10794.patch 3.86 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-10799.patch 3.67 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11140.patch 746 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11403.patch 430 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11449.patch 822 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11450.patch 464 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11524.patch 676 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11533.patch 594 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11636.patch 4.15 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11637.patch 1.71 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11638,11642.patch 1.04 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11640.patch 709 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11641.patch 974 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-11643.patch 3.93 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-12140,12644.patch 708 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-12662.patch 2.14 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-12936.patch 599 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-12937.patch 718 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-12983.patch 646 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13063,13064,13065.patch 3.3 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13066.patch 1.4 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13134.patch 786 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13139.patch 1.11 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13737.patch 508 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13775.patch 6.46 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-13776,13777,CVE-2018-16323.patch 3.31 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14042.patch 2.62 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14060.patch 682 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14165.patch 1.76 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14224.patch 1.12 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14314.patch 520 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14341.patch 600 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14342.patch 921 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14504.patch 1.05 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14505.patch 810 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14532.patch 583 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14733.patch 705 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14994.patch 907 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-14997.patch 451 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-15016.patch 449 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-15017.patch 857 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-15033.patch 555 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-15277.patch 1014 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-15930.patch 4.34 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-16352.patch 490 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-16353.patch 1.15 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-16545.patch 797 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-16546.patch 766 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-16547.patch 1.29 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-16669.patch 7.93 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-17498.patch 6.03 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-17682.patch 881 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-17912.patch 5.93 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-18022.patch 2.97 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-18229.patch 5.71 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-18230.patch 1.02 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-18251.patch 770 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-18254.patch 883 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-18271.patch 540 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-5511.patch 755 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-6335.patch 526 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-8350.patch 7.32 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-8351.patch 723 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-8355.patch 668 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-9142.patch 874 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-10177.patch 1.32 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-10805.patch 1.43 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-14435.patch 631 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-16644.patch 687 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-16645.patch 2.15 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-18024.patch 466 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-18544.patch 592 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-20184.patch 645 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-20189.patch 830 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-5685.patch 2.45 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-6799.patch 4.36 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2018-9018.patch 1.73 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2019-7175.patch 944 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-CVE-2019-7397.patch 3.16 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-bmp.c-update.patch 45 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-buffer-overflow-map.patch 1.65 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-cmyk.c-update.patch 27.8 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-dcm.c-update-2.patch 22.3 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-dcm.c-update.patch 4.97 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-debian-fixed.patch 14.2 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-disable-insecure-coders.patch 14.6 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-gray.c-update.patch 6.54 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-include.patch 346 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-mat.c-update.patch 51.6 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-meta.c-update.patch 10.7 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-png.c-update.patch 101 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-pwp.c-memory-leak.patch 540 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick-rgb.c-update.patch 23.9 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick-write-tiff-div-by-zero.patch 653 Bytes Download File
GraphicsMagick.changes 46.6 KB Download File
GraphicsMagick.spec 24 KB Download File
typemap 26 Bytes Download File

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