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LAStools - opensource

Only opensource tools are included:
* laszip compresses the LAS files in a completely lossless manner
* lasinfo prints out a quick overview of the contents of a LAS file
* lasindex creates a spatial index LAX file for fast spatial queries
* las2las extracts last returns, clips, subsamples, translates, etc ...
* lasmerge merges several LAS or LAZ files into a single LAS or LAZ file
* txt2las converts LIDAR data from ASCII text to binary LAS format
* las2txt turns LAS into human-readable and easy-to-parse ASCII
* lasprecision analyses the actual precision of the LIDAR points
* lasdiff diffs LAS or LAZ files

Closed sources tools are not included.

See the README.txt file or https://rapidlasso.com/lastools/ for more information.

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