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KWinFT (KWin Fast Track) is a robust, fast and versatile yet easy to use composited window manager for the Wayland and X11 windowing systems on Linux.

KWinFT is intended to be used as part of a KDE Plasma Desktop. The KWinFT project is a reboot of KDE's KWin. KWinFT differentates itself from KWin in some important aspects:

-KWinFT values stability and robustness. This is achieved through upholding strict development standards and deploying modern development methods to prevent regressions and code smell.
-KWinFT values collaboration with competitors and and upstream partners. We want to overcome antiquated notions on community divisions and work together on the best possible Linux graphics platform.
-KWinFT values the knowledge of experts but also the curiosity of beginners.
Well defined and transparent decision processes enable expert knowledge to proliferate
and new contributors to easily find help on their first steps.

Source Files
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0001-Use-fixed-absolute-path-instead-of-usr-bin-env-in-sh.patch 0000000744 744 Bytes 9 months
186.diff 0000042360 41.4 KB 2 months
220.diff 0000003867 3.78 KB 6 days
_constraints 0000000168 168 Bytes 6 days
firefox.patch 0000001481 1.45 KB 3 days
kwin-5.21-desktop-grid-click-behavior.py.patch 0000000293 293 Bytes 10 months
kwinft-91d16a052a3da318d0f4d5c49d3107849197562c.tar.bz2 0004543283 4.33 MB 12 days
kwinft.spec 0000010925 10.7 KB 6 days
rotar.patch 0000005670 5.54 KB 3 months
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