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A Multimedia Framework

PipeWire is a server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines.

Some of its features include:

* Capture and playback of audio and video with minimal latency;
* Real-time Multimedia processing on audio and video;
* Multiprocess architecture to let applications share multimedia content;
* GStreamer plugins for easy use and integration in current applications;
* Sandboxed applications support.

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0001-cpu-fix-compilation-on-some-architectures.patch 0000000891 891 Bytes 4 days
_service 0000000665 665 Bytes 4 days
baselibs.conf 0000000327 327 Bytes 4 months
pipewire-0.3.39.obscpio 0010106381 9.64 MB 4 days
pipewire-rpmlintrc 0000000204 204 Bytes over 1 year
pipewire.changes 0000131079 128 KB 4 days
pipewire.obsinfo 0000000099 99 Bytes 4 days
pipewire.spec 0000023541 23 KB 4 days
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Anatoly Bobrov's avatar

khnazile wrote 3 months ago

libpipewire-32bit isn't building for Leap. Not a big issue, but still.

dl iw's avatar

dliw wrote 3 days ago

Leap only provides readline-devel, but not pkgconfig(readline).

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