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SEMS 1.4.3 release

SEMS 1.4.3 release

SEMS 1.4 series bugfix release, should be a drop-in replacement to 1.4 installations.
For details of the changes see the changelog below.

If you are using custom applications which create outbound calls,
please specifically test the behavior with the commit
 26fdaa8e b/f: stopping failed outbound calls

Many thanks to everyone who reported issues and contributed with patches.
$ git cherry -v 1.4.2 origin/1.4
+ 8a6f63b6eb1e5a016e929549af897e93b56c5df0 1.4 branch build version
+ 564bb0dced7bc8e64068e8e495dc70129a4b1a92 fix linking libssl for XMLRPC client
+ 9d4437e9cb4856829415f1f6e2908361cd572e7b b/f: distinct COREPATH for sbc tools
+ 23694e99b4572d4c2b22f89857b6aaa442e8bee9 b/f: fixed mem leak accumulating sip requests on failed auth
+ 7fd59bf2f318634c7d250df18ab5a31391a664dd enable unloading of module for cleaner shutdown
+ 37ae9dbee4f63ae40fecd67bfce9cc2837aa9395 b/f: don't wait in user timer destruction
+ f81ce844a9997fad8ce9987ce9046cb7440e9d3d b/f: on receiving re-INVITE without SDP, reply 488 and continue call
+ 0fbb1f9efeccf675340321a0d6af34946c1b9422 b/f: remember passive_mode for keeping symmetric RTP in a session
+ e78fe72fb69989317d61771b661bded8fac350dc b/f: support compact Supported header (k:)
+ a03278d09f744008d115ff9379be7139263466c3 b/f: in bye() don't do send_200_ack while iterating over uac_trans
+ f755fac491982ddeca84e5cab03b64a02e5251a5 introduce timeout for sems-stats management utility
+ 97f3dcc3eab7806c3ea7aef6655671d9e731357c b/f: xmlrpc2di - detect unsuccessful bind on startup
+ 7c87e3c238e4be09a8fe0d5246d5a51df5bd52eb Fix unresolved symbol in sbc module when compiled with cmake
+ 44889f80bb840e90308af40a94d2cae995ff4400 b/f: reset RTP-received timestamp when (re)starting process RTP stream
+ 5139d4cb19d58643341c46d770f2b08369d162fc b/f: use proper failure return value
+ 49d90444fec9f6ef64d45122af95d9d5181716a7 b/f: use proper empty string value
+ 620f03ba84e7526f5a2a82e9be09050d0ebfe96b b/f: click2dial: save content_type, cseq to connect callee
+ 4e023507b6207ff84dcf30ed1c4d5c4a3f3825b1 add Retry-After: 0 to NOTIFY 500 response on low CSeq
+ 8dac2df1b8f22acf98d5b16df961edc3582d1969 b/f: fix SBC SDP filter with connection per media only
+ 32461b9a6ee112e1c557f9eee8a7198c135d2df1 b/f: fixing b6d5f726 (fix SBC SDP filter)
+ dde27343e5376751ddb544c85f086e0dc95e40f1 b/f: B2BUA: fixed replies for error handling
+ c49cc6bd175c3b5cc7e2d5688095c5ab8f09c29c b/f: make listRooms return only non-expired rooms
+ a7516d000029195706c198e5f3373cee16729249 b/f: on RTP timeout, end dialog with sending BYE
+ bed6c2545a14b62adb746bb08a3d5554e40cded1 b/f: in webconference app, handle session timer timeout and RTP timeout
+ c096050398a9ada71407a942359d659227dcd521 Drop privileges for SEMS process
+ ff94051b845fabed3b81b96e96a2d15f11084cb3 Missing include for close(FILE *)
+ b74432b69f925b1502631b168320cc7f6dc18cbc Fix c/p typo in cmake-files
+ 13c6e3f26d43edfca3fc16b0f61387e67750552c Add libzrtp support to the CMakeFile
+ 78126830bfa36f67fb3e7495093fe4f363bd8520 Add systemd-related files to the pkg/rpm dir
+ 1d86e099d358733e2ef123caef58cdafd67bc78f click2dial: b/f: fix crash when using without credentials
+ 8c10653865e5f0b446f8783a30b67b062f897dcb b/f: T38 streams in SBC/B2B (udptl transport); proper media direction passthrough
+ ddb20bd27800c9a9badb02bf0ee44461f7db827b b/f: support values at end of SDP without CR (master 8ec8a910a2)
+ 427a5a77295ae31b4b8694e330f1eb4c1c661612 b/f: getHeader: find correct hdr also if it's substring of another hdr
+ ead6c3efbc9920a1120272a144ce776e473b5db3 Add [Install] directive for systemd
+ e6b3af38395d933ae37c406fef1e326fe059b1fb b/f: AmCondition::wait_for_to nsec overflow
+ 26fdaa8eaf35e058c735af9ebb8ada38e4267d3c b/f: stopping failed outbound calls
+ 0ad56907a9844a9632c377715ba38a2c5ebcab6b core: handle exceptions in out-of-dlg messages gracefully
+ 2aa0bc2a33449a154e643209b4a5415b1b186123 core: name default interface as "default"
+ 7b5cf590d3298c657540323641d74c9d75de4c93 c/f: make callgen compile using proper IP for From host
+ a83b8e1e21619ac106d24d8f7a57b2fdaddae027 c/f: make it possible to pass CXX / CC from env vars
+ 0d66e620efb16bbc387619ccb2d6d285dbf14824 c/f: revert a83b8e1 as it can cause some issues with the linker

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