A mission planner for the rest of us

mwptools is a small suite of tools to manage a MultiWii NAV flight controller and CleanFlight based FCs. The suite consists of tools that the author finds useful to manage and monitor 'in the field' using a low powered Linux based netbook or chromebook.


* mwp: "A mission planner for the rest of us".
Simple mission planning and monitoring.
Mission Planner is provided for MW-NAV (MW 2.4).
Monitoring, logging and recording for both MW and CleanFlight;

* pidedit: PID editor;

* switchedit: Transmitter switch editor;

* mspsim: An MSP (MultiWii Serial Protocol) simulator. Used to develop the
other components of the suite;

* Tools to transform mwp log files to SQL, GPX and KML.

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