Interactive fake-AI Ukagaka-compatible desktop mascot program

"Ukagaka", also known as "Nanika", is a platform on which provides mascot characters for the user's desktop. "Ninix" is an Ukagaka-compatible program, but stop developing for a long time. "Ninix-aya" is derived from "Ninix" and improved a lot.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
ninix-aya-4.1.12.tgz 0000304891 298 KB about 8 years
ninix-aya-4.4.tgz 0000335511 328 KB about 4 years
ninix-aya-dv.spec 0000002440 2.38 KB 10 months
ninix_dll-patch.diff 0000014752 14.4 KB 10 months
ninix_lib-patch.diff 0000024023 23.5 KB 10 months
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