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Haskell is the standard purely functional programming language; the
current language version is Haskell 98, agreed in December 1998.

GHC is a state-of-the-art programming suite for Haskell. Included is
an optimising compiler generating good code for a variety of
platforms, together with an interactive system for convenient, quick
development. The distribution includes space and time profiling
facilities, a large collection of libraries, and support for various
language extensions, including concurrency, exceptions, and foreign
language interfaces (C, C++, etc).

A wide variety of Haskell related resources (tutorials, libraries,
specifications, documentation, compilers, interprbeters, references,
contact information, links to research groups) are available from the
Haskell home page at .

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0001-Fix-misspelled-WORDS_BIGENDIAN-macro.patch 0000002601 2.54 KB
0001-implement-native-code-generator-for-ppc64.patch 0000109918 107 KB
D2214.patch 0000000572 572 Bytes
D2225.patch 0000002979 2.91 KB
_constraints 0000000363 363 Bytes
atomic-cast.patch 0000019691 19.2 KB
cabal-show-detail-direct.patch 0000004924 4.81 KB
ghc-7.10.3b-src.tar.xz 0011924848 11.4 MB
ghc-rpmlintrc 0000000424 424 Bytes
ghc.changes 0000029541 28.8 KB
ghc.git-b29f20.patch 0000003218 3.14 KB
ghc.spec 0000015590 15.2 KB
u_Cabal_update.patch 0000010854 10.6 KB
u_haskeline_update.patch 0000052863 51.6 KB
u_terminfo_0402.patch 0000006622 6.47 KB
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