Audio Processing Library

SoundTouch is an open source audio processing library that allows
changing the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate parameters
independently from each other.
*Easy-to-use implementation of time-stretch, pitch-shift and sample
rate transposing routines.
*High-performance object-oriented C++ implementation.
*Clear and easy-to-use programming interface via a single C++ class.
*Supported audio data format : 16Bit integer or 32bit floating point
PCM mono/stereo
*Capable of real-time audio stream processing:
input/output latency max. ~ 100 ms.
Processing 44.1kHz/16bit stereo sound in realtime requires a 133 Mhz
Intel Pentium processor or better.
*Additional assembler-level and Intel-MMX instruction set optimizations
for Intel x86 compatible processors, offering several times increase
in the processing performance.

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