A collection of Swing components

SwingX contains a collection of powerful, useful, and just plain fun Swing
components. Each of the Swing components have been extended, providing
data-aware functionality out of the box. New useful components have been
created like the JXDatePicker, JXTaskPane, and JXImagePanel.

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swingx-0.9.4-LoginService.patch 0000000568 568 Bytes about 10 years
swingx-0.9.4-project-properties.patch 0000001846 1.8 KB about 10 years
swingx-0.9.4-src.tar.bz2 0003190844 3.04 MB about 10 years
swingx-0.9.4-swinglabs-build-impl.patch 0000000761 761 Bytes about 10 years
swingx.changes 0000000174 174 Bytes about 10 years
swingx.spec 0000003045 2.97 KB over 8 years
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