A morphing program

This morphing program reads two images in Targa format and computes the
transitions from one image to the other (arbitrarily many steps). To
avoid a simple fading effect, the program needs information about the
shapes contained in the two images. This is done by using a grid
consisting of connected checkpoints. The source grid is then
transformed into the destination grid during the morphing process.

Source Files
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acinclude.m4 0000015019 14.7 KB about 13 years
xmorph-20060817-autotools.patch 0000000644 644 Bytes about 11 years
xmorph-dirinfo.patch 0000000351 351 Bytes about 13 years
xmorph-gcc_warnings.patch 0000001010 1010 Bytes about 13 years
xmorph-missing-include.patch 0000000177 177 Bytes over 12 years
xmorph.changes 0000005386 5.26 KB about 8 years
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